Stone Hats and a Shoe Tree

A tree displaying shoes in Nevada gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘shoe tree’ (a device for preserving the shape of the shoe).  These instruments are also made from wood – but there the similarity ends.  What intrigues me about all these shoes is how they have managed to display them all, securing them into what looksContinue reading “Stone Hats and a Shoe Tree”

A postcard from Yorkshire

We’re always going off to Haworth, (famous for being the home of the Bronte family).  Nothing much changes in Haworth.  We’ve even stayed there a few times, at the bottom of the hill in a 16th century hotel called Haworth Old Hall.  One time, a bat flew in to the bedroom – so I bitContinue reading “A postcard from Yorkshire”

Just a Short Note Away……

Well, just a shortie post as I’m off to work soon.  Britains’ Got Talent  final will be on tonight and may the BEST one win.  Hopefully it will be the one with the most TALENT and not the one with the best STORY…….  I live in hope that the times they are a changing.  Continue reading “Just a Short Note Away……”

Recently read: ‘The Bronte’s Haworth’ The place and the people the Bronte’s knew by S. R. Whitehead

  I bought this book on my recent visit to Haworth.  I got it from the Parsonage Museum shop where there are copious amounts of Bronte books, new ones are coming out all the time and it’s hard to keep track of them. This book one deals with the Bronte’s relationship with their village,the peopleContinue reading “Recently read: ‘The Bronte’s Haworth’ The place and the people the Bronte’s knew by S. R. Whitehead”