A postcard from Yorkshire

We’re always going off to Haworth, (famous for being the home of the Bronte family).  Nothing much changes in Haworth.  We’ve even stayed there a few times, at the bottom of the hill in a 16th century hotel called Haworth Old Hall.  One time, a bat flew in to the bedroom – so I bit it, and it soon flew away…I AM joking, but not about the bat visit.  Here’s a little slide show I’ve put together using some of our photo’s including York.  This time I have not overladen the slide show with images – so I’m hoping the page will load easier than last time 🙂

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Haworth Old Hall, read about it here

12 thoughts on “A postcard from Yorkshire

  1. Lovely photos, Lynda. The shambles and the Parish are my favorites, maybe because of the warm light in them. Your blog loaded fine, this time.

  2. Are you a Coronation Street fan? Poor Norris is stuck about four miles from Haworth as we speak, trapped by a woman who looks like that character in the film Misery. So glad you gave me some background information so that I can visualise where he is now!

  3. Hhehe ! but those cobblestones are lethal at night Al. There’s about 5 pubs up that street (counting Haworth Old Hall) so it’s best to start at the top one and work your way down 🙂

  4. lynda,

    emily bronte’s wuthering heights has always been my favorite book. it is hauntingly touching and beautiful. i love the manor houses of Haworth, and i am sad remembering the isolated lives of the Brontes.

  5. Thanks Marvin! Wuthering probably overtakes Jane Eyre where I’m concerned. Haworth Old Halll where we stayed was featured in the very first Wuthering Heights film – so I was told. A magical place to stay – full of atmosphere 🙂

  6. Just finished reading a new title “Romancing Miss Bronte” It was so nice to see pictures and be able to put an image to a very fascinating historical piece of fiction. Thanks!

  7. Thanks gerrilyn! I love going to Haworth and its’ probably changed very little since the Bronte’s time – it’s still as steep anyway! Thanks for visiting and commenting – appreciated! I hope you get to see and feel Haworth yourself one day:)

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