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Just a quick reflection: I have not wrote anything for Echostains since May. I keep meaning to get around to it, but something either crops up or gets in the way and I think er tomorrow….only, like mañana, tomorrow never comes.

I need to give this site a complete overhaul, it’s long overdue. I also need to decide if I want to continue writing long pieces (which take me hours, which I haven’t got, to research) or short bursts like I used to do in the early days. I tend to just post little collections on Instagrams. I’m aware I can do this in the wordpress ‘stories’ but I have had so much trouble with the formatting of the images. There doesn’t seem to be any way of controlling the size of them. Maybe it is just a teething problem. It seems a shame, because I think I could use that to post more regularly.

Anyway, on with the motley, as they say .. its back to the drawing board for me.


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