Weird and Wacky Design: Hats off – A riot of Springtime Promises

Even as  these trying times are upon us, everything in the garden is blooming lovely. Seasons don’t fear the reaper and will come and go as they please regardless. Continuity of life , maybe not quite  as we once knew it, but there will a continuity nontheless. So if you are finding it hard toContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Hats off – A riot of Springtime Promises”

My 150th Post! How did this happen?

  I can’t believe it!  These posts certainly add up if you do them every day don’t they?  And I have done one nearly every day (apart from 4)  I started on 30th November 2008 with this post I now have several catagories, which I keep adding to.  Over the past couple of weeks IContinue reading “My 150th Post! How did this happen?”

My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’

I love doodling with gold and silver ink pens, somehow the drawing just grows and grows, and I get more and more carried away!  This is good in a sense as it is free expression.  It must be said though that it doesn’t do to be too free.  I feel there must always be aContinue reading “My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’”

Altered art book page 17 continued: Treasured junk

  Continuing page 17 in my Altered art book, I mentioned before that one mans junk is sometimes another man’s treasure.  But how about discarded things coming together, or being delibrately brought together to make art?  Connections being made, alliances, partnerships formed to communicate a message? One person who does this is New Zealand artist Dale Copeland.Continue reading “Altered art book page 17 continued: Treasured junk”

My Surfaces: Printmaking Journal

  This is the cover of one of my Printmaking  journals.  As you can see, I really went to town on this!  The techniques used are collage, layering and drawing.   I am very fond of silver and gold pens and can doodle for hours with these.  Mark making was done with whatever was atContinue reading “My Surfaces: Printmaking Journal”

My Surfaces: Life Drawing Journal

This is a life drawing journal I have decorated.  The first thing I do when I get a new journal is embellish it!  This one is painted with acrylic paint and felt tips.   The first journal I ever ‘decorated’ was this one: –     All I did was stick two pieces of plasterContinue reading “My Surfaces: Life Drawing Journal”

The Gates of Hell are back – but for how long?

  Eureka!  I have found it! Again.  It was hidden in a box of papers in the cellar.  I have turned the house upside down for it.  Every time I find it and manage to do a couple of pages, it disappears again.  This time, I actually started 2 more books last week.  The firstContinue reading “The Gates of Hell are back – but for how long?”