My 150th Post! How did this happen?


an early image  of catrinas
an early image of catrinas

I can’t believe it!  These posts certainly add up if you do them every day don’t they?  And I have done one nearly every day (apart from 4)  I started on 30th November 2008 with this post

echostain the original painting
echostain the original painting

I now have several catagories, which I keep adding to.  Over the past couple of weeks I have concentrated on Las Vegas and York.  It really is time to get back to some more art stuff, like my transcription and altered book: will maje a concentrated effort to do this this week.

transcription journal
transcription journal

I’m still no wiser why viewing is down more at weekends.  I will just plod on I suppose.  From time to time, I think I shall bring some stuff out of the archives that are relevent to what I am writing about now.  And hopefully, just keep AT IT!

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