Altered art book: Pages so far, ongoing

Whilst looking back at the pages I have done in  my altered art book, I became aware that some of these pages were going backwards!  In order to rectify this, I have now put these in order, with the narrative I have chosen from the book.  This makes the story flow better .  The redContinue reading “Altered art book: Pages so far, ongoing”

The Gates of Hell are back – but for how long?

  Eureka!  I have found it! Again.  It was hidden in a box of papers in the cellar.  I have turned the house upside down for it.  Every time I find it and manage to do a couple of pages, it disappears again.  This time, I actually started 2 more books last week.  The firstContinue reading “The Gates of Hell are back – but for how long?”