Weird and Wacky Design: Hats off – A riot of Springtime Promises

Even as  these trying times are upon us, everything in the garden is blooming lovely. Seasons don’t fear the reaper and will come and go as they please regardless. Continuity of life , maybe not quite  as we once knew it, but there will a continuity nontheless. So if you are finding it hard toContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Hats off – A riot of Springtime Promises”

Wood nymphs, daffodils and echoes

It’s actually been a Spring like day today!  A bit breezy, but sunshine non the less.  The sun always makes me feel better and more light-hearted.  So light-hearted, in fact that I wrote three  Haiku poems about Spring, plants, even daffodils! (here).  Here is the Master  Lakes poet himself with a beautiful poem that is nowContinue reading “Wood nymphs, daffodils and echoes”

Easter springs upon us and takes us by surprise

Just a quick Good Friday post today.  We just spent the day relaxing (a bit too much) and pottering.  Spring is in the air – I can smell it!  We may have a trip out somewhere in the week after Easter, but this Easter weekend will be spent working as usual. I had a goContinue reading “Easter springs upon us and takes us by surprise”

Bella Bellagio!

The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas is beautifully  fabulous!  It was my absolute favorite of the hotels we managed to see (Luxor was second and then Mandeley).  The Italianate decor was beautiful, showing great attention to detail: very tasteful indeed, even down to the way the carpet was woven (very like old tapestries).  The quality of the place showsContinue reading “Bella Bellagio!”