Pre Raphaelite Delights that last longer than 15 minutes with Lashings of Ginger Beer,

It’s been ages since I last posted (the longest yet) but I hope to make amends today by writing a longer post – a kind of round-up of posts I should have written. The 11th August was popular children’s writer Enid Blyton’s birthday (11 August 1897 – 28 November 1968).  Here’s a  a link to another postContinue reading “Pre Raphaelite Delights that last longer than 15 minutes with Lashings of Ginger Beer,”

Exhibition: David Hancock ‘Time to Pretend’

David Hancock explores the space between physicality and psychological space using a  hyper-realist technique.  His exhibition ‘Time to Pretend‘ (The Hub, Manchester 3rd – 18th March 2011) elevates the ordinary to the  decidedly extraordinary.   Gaming and urban folklore are fused together in these intricate drawings.  This  realism was made even more extraordinary by the actual presence of hisContinue reading “Exhibition: David Hancock ‘Time to Pretend’”

About and out in Manchester

I’ve made this slide show because I was clearing my camera out and found all these pics.  All these places can be seen out and about in Manchester.  Featured sights we saw include the Northern quarter (a very Bohemian, up happening and buzzing part of the City centre), The Deansgate area, bits of artwork from Tib Street,Continue reading “About and out in Manchester”

Jane Eyre’s beginnings

      Anyone who has read Gaskill’s Life of Charlotte Bronte will know that Charlotte accompanied her father Patrick Bronte to Manchester when he underwent a successful cataract operation.  Mr Wilson a famous oculist recommended comfortable lodgings which were ran by a former servant of his. The lodging house has long gone, but theContinue reading “Jane Eyre’s beginnings”

Out and About Manchester

Just a few pictures that we took today when we were out and about Manchester. Some of them are quite abstract, and it would probably help if we had a decent camera.  No matter though, we enjoyed taking them.  Some of them surprised us at how glamorous they look – compared to real thing.  They sayContinue reading “Out and About Manchester”

Out on the Town with a Hundred Sewing Machines!

I had to go to town today.  Raining of course.  There’s a few Christmas decorations up, but it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas.  Some nice window dsiplays though.  My favorite is always Selfridges , they always have something flamboyant! Not great pics but you get the idea, lots of drama, silver women hanging from chandeliersContinue reading “Out on the Town with a Hundred Sewing Machines!”

Small Place that is Big on Character! Mr Thomas’s Chop House

We went for a meal in Mr Thomas’s Chop House, Manchester the other night.  I’ve  passed this place many times, even went in for a drink once, but I’ve never eaten in there.  The pub/restaurant size is deceptive.  The 1867 building is a long and narrow, giving the impression of a tiny bar at the front. Continue reading “Small Place that is Big on Character! Mr Thomas’s Chop House”

A Couple of Nights (and Days) on the Toon…Newcastle!

One of the great features on WordPress is that it allows you to schedule your posts!  I always do mine one in advance, but if I’m going away, I will do a few.  But I’m back now from a  lovely couple of days in Newcastle.  Never ever been: I don’t know why, it’s not allContinue reading “A Couple of Nights (and Days) on the Toon…Newcastle!”