About and out in Manchester

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I’ve made this slide show because I was clearing my camera out and found all these pics.  All these places can be seen out and about in Manchester.  Featured sights we saw include the Northern quarter (a very Bohemian, up happening and buzzing part of the City centre), The Deansgate area, bits of artwork from Tib Street, the Keko Moku Bar which makes expensive but out of this world cocktails (try their Zombies and Mohitas if you dare:)  I’ve also put some unusual window displays in there:)


The Mona Lisa Poetry Challenge is still on my other blog Bookstains and open to all!  Just click Mona

PLUS Theres another poem about the enigmatic one!

10 thoughts on “About and out in Manchester

  1. I love seeing pictures of your home city! It’s all one large assemblage with collage elements isn’t it? The dish detergent in the fountain must be a universal teenage prank…we see it here too! Will try to think of a poem for Mona…perhaps.

    1. It must be universal then. Its like everytime the kids see ‘water feature’ they have to turn it to foam (why not wine?) Or perhaps an artist could invent a ‘foam’ water feature and the kids could turn it into water….I’d PAY to see that:D
      Yes the ceramic is on the gable end of a house
      there’s always bits of sculpture and art being added all over the city, always changing.
      Hope you do think of a Mona Poem Al!! I’m still trying to do a Van Gogh one, but can’t decide on an angle yet….

  2. You are getting really good at this video posting, Lynda. I have viewed your pictures several times and it makes me want to see more of your city. The scrub brush sculpture makes me smile. The house next door that is being torn down has all sorts of texture to it. Thanks for another interesting post!

  3. Thanks Leslie! The brush was …most unusual, unfortunately I couldn’t see any information about it. I am fascinated by houses in these states you can see the history, and also theres a kind of vulnerabilty about them being exposed to the elements. i’m always surprised by new pieces of sculpture and art installations that keep popping up – some of it is very subtle too.
    I think you will enjoy the next post too Leslie, its a painting one:)

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