Out and About Manchester

decorated building off Tib st

Just a few pictures that we took today when we were out and about Manchester. Some of them are quite abstract, and it would probably help if we had a decent camera.  No matter though, we enjoyed taking them.  Some of them surprised us at how glamorous they look – compared to real thing.  They say the camera never lies…….but I don’t know so much.


On the side of a house in a small street off Tib Street, we were confronted with a very usual mosaic. 

more fragments

It is made of fragmented tiles,    Some of them have  Tib Street related memorabilia on, others writing.  All are very beautiful and rather incongruous!

Manchester wheel

The Manchester wheel spinning around in the darkness.  A lot of cities have these now, and I do wonder why?  The old Manchester Ship canal looks rather glamorous at night.  There is a point on these banks where you can look for miles through the bridges.

mysterious disc

I couldn’t resist this woven ‘disc’ that I saw on wire between two buildings.  No idea why this was, or what linked the buildings apart from the fact that they are apartments.  But I was struck by the abstract quality of the scene.

Gaga Gargoyle

It’s a bit scary walking around the cathedral in the dark.  Lots of strange people lurk, so you have to be quick.  this is a gargoyle taken from an unusual angle – not one of the strange people!

8 thoughts on “Out and About Manchester

  1. Thanks Kirsty – I’m not really a photographer, but I do like playing about with the camera. Glad you liked the pics and appreciate your visit Kirsty 🙂

    1. I still don’t know what the circle was, but it seemed to be woven. It was suspened like a diablo that had got caught mid air, – great fun! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by – appreciated Lelslie 🙂

  2. We did R.A.D. 🙂 Not been up that way for quite a while, the tile collage was new to us. Its very Bohemian round there, all sorts of interesting colourful characters (I stress, not like round the cathedral) 🙂 We went in the Crown and Kettle too whilst we were up there – now that has changed a very lot. Also a pub called the Burton Arms – lots of interesting folk in there – and a great atmosphere! Thanks for visiting R.A.D., its appreciated 🙂

  3. Manchester is getting a lot more exciting than it used to be…can’t beat London though (I love London and will be going soon – can’t wait!)
    Thanks for visiting Kimberley – appreciated 🙂

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