Small Place that is Big on Character! Mr Thomas’s Chop House

Mr Thomas's Chop House

We went for a meal in Mr Thomas’s Chop House, Manchester the other night.  I’ve  passed this place many times, even went in for a drink once, but I’ve never eaten in there.  The pub/restaurant size is deceptive.  The 1867 building is a long and narrow, giving the impression of a tiny bar at the front.  The restaurant goes on and on though…..

inside the restaurant

This place still enjoys a busy  atmosphere and still retains it’s original Victorian decorative arches and tiles.   Although it looks miniscule from the outside, it is actually  licensed for up to 175 people !  The building was originally a  Georgian townhouse of slender shape and has the distinction of being one of the first buildings in Manchester to have a  cast iron frame.

Mr Thomas himself

The food is good too!  It’s pub grub of course, but the presentation and the thought that has gone into the menu is wonderful.  The preparation time  for their famous Brown Onion Soup is 36 hours!  But don’t worry you won’t have to wait that long, lol!  We will go again, maybe try Mr Sam’s Chop House (nearby).  By the way, it does serve chops too!

Mr Thomas’s Chop House is situated at 52 Cross Street Manchester

HERE is the website

Of course it’s not all drinking and eating you know!  We do take in an exhibition from time to time.  Read my review of ‘Angels of Anarchy’ at Manchester City Art Gallery HERE

4 thoughts on “Small Place that is Big on Character! Mr Thomas’s Chop House

  1. You will love it! I’ve been to the Imperial War Museum, It’s good, really interesting (and I didn’t think it would be). Also been to Eden Camp in Malton Yorkshire, that was fantastic (and I wasn’t looking forward to going). These places really bring the War alive, it’s good that we have them I think. It gives children (and adults) a sense of what a hard time our relatives had, but what gumption, inventiveness and courage they had also. To think that that blood runs through us and we are part of all that… amazing really
    Eden Camp

  2. We went to The Imperial War Museum the same day we visited Haworth and Morecambe , packed a lot in. I did a post on it. I loved it. Thanks for reminding me of the Eden Camp, next time. Yes it is amazing. J’s dad was at Dunkirk and mine was in the Merchant Navy Atlantic Convoys getting torpedoed regularly. The women were at home getting bombed regularly, Glasgow, Clydebank and Dumbarton.

  3. You wil lenjoy it even more then! Theres some great places in Yorkshire, Whitby is lovely (as a day out). We stayed there once high up on the cliffs…it was awkward getting down at night and hazardous getting back up! Next time you go to Yorkshire you must go to York (if you’ve not already been) Fabulous! we never get fed up of it. We went again this year and only stopped just outside a gate we hadn’t before – found loads of stuff we hadn’t done before (and we’ve been loads)

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