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Just a quick reflection: I have not wrote anything for Echostains since May. I keep meaning to get around to it, but something either crops up or gets in the way and I think er tomorrow….only tomorrow never comes.

I need to give this site a complete overhaul, it’s long overdue. I also need to decide if I want to continue writing long pieces (which take me hours to research) or short bursts like I used to do in the early days. I tend to just post little collections on Instagrams. I’m aware I can do this in the wordpress ‘stories’ but I have had so much trouble with the formatting of the images. There doesn’t seem to be any way of controlling the size of them. Maybe it just a teething problem with it. It seems a shame, because I think I could use that to post more regularly.

Anyway, on with the motley.. its back to the drawing board for me.

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Chairs with Satitude

More reasons to be chairful, especially on this rainy miserable day. AKA as any excuse to indulge my curiosity for weird and playful chairs.

Man Chair

‘Some people say that knowledge is sat in your lap’ (Kate Bush). Lap that wisdom up by trying out this bronze and mixed media ‘Man chair’ by Ruth Franken (1924-2006) This generous cool chair is man-size with attitude.

The Living Chair

This pretty in pink chair with the slimline legs has a touch of the Sharon Stone about it, I think. Unsure what it’s going to do next. Dainty as it is, it’s surprisingly sturdy. Designed by Vladimir Tzesler and Sergei Voichenko, a pink splash of glamour.

Oil Drum Chair

Let’s drum a bit of interest here with this innovative oil drum chair. Traditionally, oil drums also double up a percussion instruments. Not exactly heavy metal, but this Eco friendly chair is probably pretty ‘cool’ on the derrière.

Vasa Intestina chair

Artist Lisa Jones created these capillary chairs. Not sure how practical they are, or comfortable but they’re quite beautiful to look at. Made of wood, they are part of her ‘Symbiosis’ collection. ‘Vasa Intestina’ uses a fine tracery of wood with steel to depict the inner workings of the intestines.

That’s it for this collection for now. Hope you found it chairful, chairs!

Soup chair

Man chair

Happy Birthday Maurice de Vlaminck!!

French artist Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958) was one of the main figures of the Fauve movement. The Fauvists included Andre Derain and Henri Matisse amongst their members. The Fauvists (‘wild beasts’) were known for their use of intense colour which at the time, was quite innovative (1904 – 1908).

Vlaminck was a very interesting artist and personality and led a vibrant life, as one of my earlier posts about this artist and the Fauves shows Here

Image and more info Here

Happy Birthday Max Ernst!!

Max Ernst born 1891- 1976 was a Surrealist artist. Born in Germany, he became a Naturalised American in 1948 and French in 1958.

He was prolific in painting, sculpture, poetry and graphics art. He was a leading light and pioneer in his artistic approach to Surrealism and Dadaism.

A lot of information about the artist and analysis of his paintings can be found at This site

More of my posts Surreal thing! Happy Birthday Salvador Dali!

And Happy Eccentric Birthday Salvador Dali!


Happy Birthday Salvador Dali Eccentric Individualist!

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