Which came first? the echo or the stain?

My website ‘Echostains’  was born on11th August 2003.  It was a personal project I began for my Visual Arts degree.  It lasted for 2years and is about to be resurrected.  It is ongoing.  Digging around the cellar recently, we unearthed the old ‘Echostains’ website, which fortunately we had put on disc before it disappeared into the ether.  The original concept explored visual communication through abstract art.  Whilst Googling what was left of my Echostains links, I came across a band called ‘Echostain’!  Now I don’t know when they started, but  project name and I intend keeping it as it describes succinctly my work – that’s how I came up with it!


Here’s the blurb that accompanied it;

‘Echo Stains’ is a personal project that I completed in the second year of my Visual Arts BA Hons Degree. (1Ith August 2003).  I  have split the project into  three parts because the process was ongoing and progressive and each part inevitably merged seamlessly into the other, culminating in the final piece – the large  painting ‘Echo Stain’. The work is about communication – on all different  levels.

Lynda M Roberts BA Hons

Just a tick: just getting the lay of the land

Hi!  Now I don’t know what sort of a Blog this will turn out to be yet.  It will probably be a mixture of Art, Life, Ramblings, Witterings and Mutterings…with occasional Rantings.  I had an Art Blog before and used to post most days, but it disappeared.  It was more a collection of writings than a real internet Blog: a diary about my art: a blow by blow account.  The intention was to publish it in a Blog.  If I find it, I will put it on here, but for the time being I will take time out to survey all the wonderful snowy white scenery in my new ‘land’

Bored already with the white space.  Think the black background looks much better.  In effect I have eliminated the positive, accentuated the negative..now for Mr Inbetween.



My Favorite Emperor
My Favorite Empero
  Thought I’d add a bit of decoration to brighten the place up!