Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!

Musician,artist and printmaker  Ronnie Wood, who plays with the Rolling Stones (and has also played with The Faces, and the Jeff Beck Group) trained at Ealing Art College. His new exhibition, called ‘Time and Places’ will showcase 100 pieces of his work, including paintings of Jimi Hendrix, Slash and portraits of friends and family.  It shall run 7Continue reading “Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!”

Pen and Inklings

There’s something about pen and ink that makes it very satisfying to use.  I love pens, but they have to have black ink.  Not blue, blue will not do – don’t ask me why, I just don’t know. The mark of ink on paper is a thing of beauty to me.  Whenever I get aContinue reading “Pen and Inklings”

Valentine – what a Saint!

Yes it’s that time yet again……  So if you have forgotten – woe betide you lol! This tradition started in the Middle ages when lovers sang or recited their valentines, which is rather nice.  The  valentine card  began in the 1400s and the paper ones were made in factories in the early 1800s This earlyContinue reading “Valentine – what a Saint!”

‘Cut the mustard and get to the Ad!’

I am  just watching Flog it  and the programme (may be a repeat) is coming from Burton on Trent, the home of wait for it…….The Marmite factory!  As you know I’ve recently wrote about that lovely brown sticky comestible – Marmite.  Comestible eh? what a locupletative word!  (Must get my poor now neglected word back intoContinue reading “‘Cut the mustard and get to the Ad!’”

Spread em

Someone once told me that Marmite was made of what was left when ale had been brewed – the leftover yeast.  They said that some was kept and rest was sold on as marmite.  Don’t know if this is true though.  Yes it is!  Just found it in Wikipedia. I think it’s good for you, Continue reading “Spread em”

Time and Tide and Other Old Washing Powders that make Life easier but no Slower

Not much of a post today, I’m afraid, just been very busy indeed.   Found a cousin I haven’t seen for about 40 years so we have a lot to catch up on!  There’s not enough hours in the day sometimes – yet other times,it seems to hang heavily.  I have loads to do in theContinue reading “Time and Tide and Other Old Washing Powders that make Life easier but no Slower”

Crafty Old Sugar!

    I was watching a programme today which featured the Bowes Museum in County Durham.  The exhibition was about Sugarcraft as a sculptural medium.  I never realised that this craft was so old.  Apparently it was featured in the household of Princesse de Lamballe, Marie Therese Louise de Savoie-Carignan (1749-92) who was a favouriteContinue reading “Crafty Old Sugar!”

Bahhhhh Woollies gone!

  Can’t believe Woolworths will soon be going!  I and millions and millions and zillions of other will miss it terribly.  It was part of my childhood, well everyones childhood.  As a child I would stand outside  pointing to the toys in the window, whilst I waited for the bus.  It was the scene ofContinue reading “Bahhhhh Woollies gone!”