Go Ahead and Roam in Caesars Palace

Some of the hotels and arcades are fantastic in Las Vegas, some, well a bit tacky.  Caesars Palace was a not bad one though.  Wall to wall designer shops (Italian of course).  The false sky however I think, is a bad idea as it always seems to be gloomy, even though it’s cracking the flagsContinue reading “Go Ahead and Roam in Caesars Palace”

Just a tick: just getting the lay of the land

Hi!  Now I don’t know what sort of a Blog this will turn out to be yet.  It will probably be a mixture of Art, Life, Ramblings, Witterings and Mutterings…with occasional Rantings.  I had an Art Blog before and used to post most days, but it disappeared.  It was more a collection of writings thanContinue reading “Just a tick: just getting the lay of the land”