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Go Ahead and Roam in Caesars Palace

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talk about exhibitionism!

talk about exhibitionism!

Some of the hotels and arcades are fantastic in Las Vegas, some, well a bit tacky.  Caesars Palace was a not bad one though.  Wall to wall designer shops (Italian of course). 

perhaps the Gods are angry?


perhaps the Gods are angry?

The false sky however I think, is a bad idea as it always seems to be gloomy, even though it’s cracking the flags (stones) outside.  It also makes the pavements look wet!  If only they had different weather settings!  I think the photo above looks very Dali…..

these cases are filled with live goldfish!



these cases are filled with live goldfish!

How about this for the Midas touch!  I think this was some kind of shop.  I don’t know what they sold though because my eyes were filled with gold and fish!

cher-costumes.  If she could turn back time eh? Oh sorry she just did!



cher-costumes. If she could turn back time eh? Oh sorry she just did!

Cabinets of Cher costumes, advertising her show, which we didn’t go to.  There are quite a few of these cabonets with costumes in, all over Vegas.  We saw one of Donny Osmonds containing his coat of many colours or technicolour dreamcoat.

Just a tick: just getting the lay of the land

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Hi!  Now I don’t know what sort of a Blog this will turn out to be yet.  It will probably be a mixture of Art, Life, Ramblings, Witterings and Mutterings…with occasional Rantings.  I had an Art Blog before and used to post most days, but it disappeared.  It was more a collection of writings than a real internet Blog: a diary about my art: a blow by blow account.  The intention was to publish it in a Blog.  If I find it, I will put it on here, but for the time being I will take time out to survey all the wonderful snowy white scenery in my new ‘land’

Bored already with the white space.  Think the black background looks much better.  In effect I have eliminated the positive, accentuated the for Mr Inbetween.

My Favorite Emperor

My Favorite Empero

  Thought I’d add a bit of decoration to brighten the place up!