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I Love me? Who do you love?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on December 3, 2008 by echostains

If you dig deep enough, you will always find a hidden reserve of strength (or words).  These words were written 3 years ago and still hold true today;


Lynda realises that its grossly unfair on others for her to have ALL the gorgeousness, so she is compensating them by being a pratt.  How’s she doing?


Lynda has been told recently to get over herself..she would, if she didn’t have to climb over SO much gorgeousness to do it!  Give that girl a break!!!!


It’s jolly hard work being THIS gorgeous you know!  And it gets harder and harder and harder……..


I’ll never be able to climb down from my pedestal now!  Not in these shoes I won’t!  Sorry….

Goddess Im afraid...get over it

Goddess Im afraid...get over it


OK,  I concede, perhaps this works better without the picture: use your imagination.