The Van Gogh Poetry Challenge ‘Vincent could have told you’

Just Click the Van Gogh image to take you to the video

Everyone has heard ‘Starry Starry Night’ By Don Mclean,  the beautiful song about Vincent Van Gogh.  There is a line in it which says:_

But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you…….

The challenge is to watch the very short video that features all Van Gogh’s self-portrait and imagine what the artist might be trying to convey through these portraits – in other words if he could speak – what do you think he would he want to say to us?  Alternatively you could just write a poem about Van Gogh the man or his work.  The poem can be as profound as you want, or as daft as you like:)  it can be long, short or even a haiku. Put it on your site and link to mine and  I’ll make a page putting all the poems dedicated to this on my blog with a link to yours.   (You can copy and paste the image if you want).  The title of the poem is ‘Vincent could have told you’ That’s the challenge!  Are you up for it?

Please post your poems either under comments – or if you prefer sent me an email and I’ll put them on.

Here’s the first of the poems!  this one is by Kserverny aka Artswebshow.  please check out his blog it’s fantastic!


Oh why did the ladies never love me.


As i sit here in my velvet chair.

Chains of smoke swirl around me.

My dinner left lingering by the door.

Painting for the purpose of inner peace.

My thoughts, they say.

Oh why did the ladies never love me?

Life looks back in fall.


Relying for my income on dear little brother.

Oh the shame, it makes me insane.

I burn and cut for you people.

Yet none will look my way.

Stewing in my little bed.

Oh why did the ladies never love me?

Life looks back in fall.


The tormented candle flickers softly now.

Obsessive working grips me tight.

No interest gained off local peers.

I fear my end is in sight.

I softly said.

Oh why did the ladies never love me?

Life looks down in winter.


People tread upon the floor.

Above the sunflowers fill them with awe.

Such a valuable epiphany,

Of a time travelled long before.

The painting remains silent.

Ladies flock around him.

Standing proudly on the wall.

4 thoughts on “The Van Gogh Poetry Challenge ‘Vincent could have told you’

  1. Vincent van Gogh was a man who suffered from numerous panic attacks and ended his life by shooting himself. I found through looking at his paintings and reading a comprehensive synopsis of his life. That he was a man who much like myself, – was fearful to rust away leaving nothing behind. Through this self inflicted conviction he tried to find other things that would fade away before he would and also things he hoped would rust. Furthermore, he left only his art behind which tells a story, not in the typical sense of writer with a pad and pen, but instead he wrote using a brush and a canvas. In the box he is not classified as a writer, just like a poet is not classified as a writer, or even a great writer classified as a writer, rather we all unequivocally fall in the circle of “Artists.” -The all encompassing Venn diagram of expression.
    I missed the linking onto my own blog and I am not sure how to do that, but I will look to find out. I will also try to constrict my future writing into a sense of what I think would be relatable to someone else instead of what I established from his pieces or his biography.
    I shall try again in the future.

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