Candyfloss buildings and Marshmallow Skies

Architects have their work cut out trying to dream up functional aestheticalyl pleasing buildings.  These particular buildings though, follow the dream literally.  They are castles in the air: imagination made practical, –  each of these buildings actually promotes a product.  For example, Kansas City Library actually incorporates book like structures into its public parking garage.  This might proveContinue reading “Candyfloss buildings and Marshmallow Skies”

Dream Buildings that are just that – Dreams!

There’s some strange buildings in this world.  Buildings made of salvage, buildings encrusted with shells, buildings that just cheer you up and make you think what great fun it would be to live in. I have always thought that it would be fantastic to live in an Oast House; these are the houses  usuallyseen in Kent andContinue reading “Dream Buildings that are just that – Dreams!”

A Visit to Shrewsbury: Out and About

Continuing my post about our recent visit to the ancient market town of Shrewsbury, Salop…. Part 1 HERE Ancient buildings abound here.  Some are bowed and crooked, but on they go, as they have done for hundreds of years.  Here’s a few of them; The Kings Head pub contains an ancient wall painting.  This wasContinue reading “A Visit to Shrewsbury: Out and About”

A Couple of Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle): Out and about

Continuing with our brief Newcastle visit, we were entranced by this city and amazed at the variety of architecture which sits happily enough with the contemporary buildings. Millenium Bridge Newcastle and Gateshead – The Tyne Bridge north Beautiful Central Arcade is  Edwardian, built in 1906 and highly decorated.  It is situated between Grainger and GreyContinue reading “A Couple of Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle): Out and about”

Art I LOVE: Frank Gehry ‘Fred and Ginger building’ Prague, Czech Republic

The Nationale Nederlanden or The Dancing building or Fred and Ginger or the Rasin are all names for one of my favorite buildings: the architect is Frank Gehry b. Poland 1929.  The building is in Prague, and I was lucky enough to see it (albeit only from a distance). The building has been likened toContinue reading “Art I LOVE: Frank Gehry ‘Fred and Ginger building’ Prague, Czech Republic”