Dream Buildings that are just that – Dreams!

this one's called mammys cupboard and was built  1940 mississippi

There’s some strange buildings in this world.  Buildings made of salvage, buildings encrusted with shells, buildings that just cheer you up and make you think what great fun it would be to live in.

oast house Kent fairytale living surely

I have always thought that it would be fantastic to live in an Oast House; these are the houses  usuallyseen in Kent and Sussex. They were built to dry the hops to brew beer, but are so fairytale like as well as airy and practical!


Another building I used to dream of living in is the Lighthouse.  How exciting it must be to be in the middle of the sea, seeing all types of weather and braving the elements, but snug and content in your lighthouse.  Beaming out light and guiding ships to safety, sigh…

beautiful windmills
beautiful windmills

Or perhaps a windmill!  There’s something so romantic about these building.  The noise of the sails: the grinding of the corn, –  just constant continuity.  Surely this must count as a most lucupletative*  way of life?

* This is my adopted word that I have officially adopted and have promised to use where I can.  Here’s the site if you want to adopt a word HERE

The first picture came from THIS website: there’s some real wacky buildings on there!

9 thoughts on “Dream Buildings that are just that – Dreams!

  1. I’m with you on the living in a lighthouse fantasy–that’s one of the reasons Anne’s House of Dreams is one of my favorite Anne books.

    The first house reminded me the Mother Goose character in the Nutcracker ballet–her children are hiding under her skirts and come dancing out…

    I love the look of the Oast House.

  2. I see where you are coming from with the Mother Goose, lol! I will have to see into this ‘Anne’s House of Dreams’ Jane. So many books to read and not enough lifetime…..
    The oast house is so fairytale castle. In fact 3 of these building are the same shape (fairytale castle). There may be something in this relating to childhood.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Anne’s House of Dreams, but the same author wrote Anne of Green Gables, which I loved. It was on T.V. too when I was about 11. It gave me a bit of a complex though as I had been quite happy with my red hair and freckles until Anne came along hating hers. It was a laugh though when she tried to dye hers and it turned green.

  4. Aw Anne of Green Gables! Loved that and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer (though Huck was a more exciting character) The most surreal bit in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was when the Mississippi flooded and Huck and the runaway slave (Jim?) are on a raft watching a house float by. Loved those books, along with Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys. Also liked the Bobbsey Twins, All the Famous Five books (how I wished for their life…) Now I’m giving my age away lol!

  5. Yes, I had all the Famous Five books, never got into the Secret Seven though. What about Mallory Towers though? I loved those books with Darrel, Felicity and Sally. Loved Tom Sawyer. Love Mark Twain. Read just about everything I could get my hands on of his. I think Good Wives came after Jo’s Boys and there was What Katy Did and all the E Nesbit books. Happy days.

  6. No not Mallory Towers, never read that BUT I did like the Four Marys in the Bunty comic! I used to DREAM about going to boarding school and coming home for the hols! I loved Brideshead Revisited too. Read What Katy Did , but not Nesbitt. Lots of Classic books when I was a child. We were reading Lorna Doon and Jane Eyre before we were 10 at school. Hubby was reading Bran the Bronzsmith and Stig of the Dump! And he went to a better class school than me lol! Actually I went to 8 differrent schools in all, moving around, it’s no wonder I wanted to go to boarding school, probably suggested a bit of stability, lol! Yes, Happy Days!

  7. Hheh now what was Lady Marchmaine’s name? Wasn’t she such a saint too! I preferred Lord Marchmaine played by Sir Lawrence Olivier. What a very fine actor he was, and even when old you could tell he had been a very striking man. I loved his Heathcliff (with Merle Oberon as Cathy). Poor Sebastian though. …. I found the new version a complete waste of time. If you can’t improve, then don’t bother, that’s what I say. heheh and I keep saying it!

  8. Wow, the architecture here is interesting. I’m a student at New School of Architecture and I’m hoping that we get to work on some out of the box designs like these. Great post!!

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