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Dream Buildings that are just that – Dreams!

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this one's called mammys cupboard and was built  1940 mississippi

There’s some strange buildings in this world.  Buildings made of salvage, buildings encrusted with shells, buildings that just cheer you up and make you think what great fun it would be to live in.

oast house Kent fairytale living surely

I have always thought that it would be fantastic to live in an Oast House; these are the houses  usuallyseen in Kent and Sussex. They were built to dry the hops to brew beer, but are so fairytale like as well as airy and practical!


Another building I used to dream of living in is the Lighthouse.  How exciting it must be to be in the middle of the sea, seeing all types of weather and braving the elements, but snug and content in your lighthouse.  Beaming out light and guiding ships to safety, sigh…

beautiful windmills
beautiful windmills

Or perhaps a windmill!  There’s something so romantic about these building.  The noise of the sails: the grinding of the corn, –  just constant continuity.  Surely this must count as a most lucupletative*  way of life?

* This is my adopted word that I have officially adopted and have promised to use where I can.  Here’s the site if you want to adopt a word HERE

The first picture came from THIS website: there’s some real wacky buildings on there!