Out and About Manchester, Goodbye Frank!

We were at Manchester arena last night, joining the huge turnout for Frank Sidebottom who sadly died recently  aged 54 from cancer.    An estimated 5,000 people turned up to see Franks Fantastic Farewell,  packing the place out and creating a wonderful atmosphere with lots of laughter and a few tears.  There were short films of Frank interspersedContinue reading “Out and About Manchester, Goodbye Frank!”

Not a leg to stand on – caught on the hop!

A Pink Collins – one I drunk earlier You know if you read my blog regularly, that I always schedule my posts.  There  is a reason for that..what was it?  ANYWAY I’ve been out tonight and I have some postss lined up for when I am away. (which is soon)    But I’ve been out tonight..  Continue reading “Not a leg to stand on – caught on the hop!”

The Fools day out – again

  It’s April Fools Day again as you will know when someone plays a ‘prank’ on you which you don’t find funny but have to laugh at otherwise you will be a bad sport……  I had a look at what I had written about this ‘hilarious’ day last year, and got a bit of aContinue reading “The Fools day out – again”

Wood nymphs, daffodils and echoes

It’s actually been a Spring like day today!  A bit breezy, but sunshine non the less.  The sun always makes me feel better and more light-hearted.  So light-hearted, in fact that I wrote three  Haiku poems about Spring, plants, even daffodils! (here).  Here is the Master  Lakes poet himself with a beautiful poem that is nowContinue reading “Wood nymphs, daffodils and echoes”

On with the Motley

I’ve been very busy at the moment doing all sorts of things.  Some of it  involves getting my house straightened, which is boring, boring, coconut flooring.  Still blogging on Bookstains  (not as much as here) and have written quite a few poems lately (my Arachne rising seems to have arisen again after all these years!).  ItContinue reading “On with the Motley”

Valentine – what a Saint!

Yes it’s that time yet again……  So if you have forgotten – woe betide you lol! This tradition started in the Middle ages when lovers sang or recited their valentines, which is rather nice.  The  valentine card  began in the 1400s and the paper ones were made in factories in the early 1800s This earlyContinue reading “Valentine – what a Saint!”