Thomas Mynshull, Eternal Benefactor




It’s amazing the amount of  interesting buildings we pass each day of our life.  I am fascinated by this building  – Mynshull House, on Catheaton St Manchester City centre. 




Puritan Thomas Mynshull, a 17th century chemist and druggist  bequeathed money  earned through the two houses that formerly stood on this spot, to be spent on apprencticing healthy local boys to respectable trades.




It was rebuilt in 1890 with lots of fancy corbels and bits of sculpture and is Grade 11 Listed.  My favorite bit is the writing on the front.


This is an interesting site about Manchester history

More pics here

2 thoughts on “Thomas Mynshull, Eternal Benefactor

  1. please can you advise me where i can get a framed picture of the minshull house writing on the building as you have on this web page

  2. Sorry, I don’t know Dorothy. I’ve looked through my files to try to find links but can’t find anything. I think the first pic is one we took and you’re welcome to use that. One pic is from the link mentioned. Hope this helps.

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