A room with a view or two – exploring perspectives

I was playing about with some paint the other day and thought I would do a tonal piece with some interesting perspective incorporated.   As I’d recently been watching some old DVD’s of the 70s series The Onedin Line, and was inspired by the idea of a ship’s cabin undergoing a storm on the high seas –Continue reading “A room with a view or two – exploring perspectives”

My Surfaces: ‘Unveiled’ Journal unveiled

  This project journal employed the unusual componant of pasta! spagetti, this wasn’t difficult to paint on.  I have used pasta as a medium before in a painting called ‘Noise’   Here is a detail from the journal front:   If you look closely you can see some exposed foil. I’m very fond of usingContinue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Unveiled’ Journal unveiled”

The Creeping Woman in the Wallpaper

  This painting ‘Creeping Woman’ is part of the ‘Yellow Wallpaper’ (part 3 of the ‘Echostains’ project).  The ‘Yellow Wallpaper’ is  a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.  If you have read it, you will see where this piece was coming from.   I wanted to get on with my Altered art book today but I haveContinue reading “The Creeping Woman in the Wallpaper”

Blasting the Surface: Armageddon Journal

  This is the front of an A3 journal for a project I did in second year Foundation.  The project ‘Armageddon’ proved a very interesting one, exploring  destruction, survival, recycling, belief.   (I even made an ‘Armageddon cloak, made form plastic carrier bags, tobacco pouch wallets, anything that could be melted together!…even the scrapings of dried acrylic paintContinue reading “Blasting the Surface: Armageddon Journal”

Altered art book page 15 ‘He was a God in her Empire of Junk’ part one

          ‘Someone was God and she was always flirting with him’ in her empire of junk’ A garishly painted man and woman talk (probably) rubbish to each other, amidst a background of scribbled swirling ink marks.  Two hearts connect, forming a kinetic link with each other: they whirl against a tactile layerContinue reading “Altered art book page 15 ‘He was a God in her Empire of Junk’ part one”