Blasting the Surface: Armageddon Journal



This is the front of an A3 journal for a project I did in second year Foundation.  The project ‘Armageddon’ proved a very interesting one, exploring  destruction, survival, recycling, belief.   (I even made an ‘Armageddon cloak, made form plastic carrier bags, tobacco pouch wallets, anything that could be melted together!…even the scrapings of dried acrylic paint from my pallette!)




The front of the journal is made entirely of impasto medium, in which rolled up foil was embedded.  Acrylic paint, soft copper square, and foil make a surface which looks aged..




The technique was one where I ‘burnished’ the copper with acrylic paint, rubbing the paint in, then wiping it off: building up a patina.

Foil was rolled into balls and stuck down with PVA glue.  Then when dry layers were applied, building the surface up.  The same patina building technique applied.  The idea was to make the journal appear ancient, buried in the rubble, scorched by neuclear devestation.  I enjoyed doing this cover VERY much indeed!



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