Altered art book page 15 ‘He was a God in her Empire of Junk’ part one






‘Someone was God and she was always flirting with him’

in her empire of junk’


A garishly painted man and woman talk (probably) rubbish to each other, amidst a background of scribbled swirling ink marks.  Two hearts connect, forming a kinetic link with each other: they whirl against a tactile layer of faux leather and satin papers.  Silken thread provides the ties that bind, also the unromantic nitty gritty of how things actually work.


These chapters are LONG!  Yes LONG!  In fact I can’t believe what possessed me to actually do chapters!  I think there’s about 3 altogether.  I’ve just checked and this chapter has 26 pages alone.  I am going to have real difficulty closing this book lol!

I have a couple of artists in mind for these particular pages, but they will have to wait until tomorrow…

To be continued……

Media used; coloured inks, papers, acrylic paint,threads,card,

AND my 50th post!

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