My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’

I love doodling with gold and silver ink pens, somehow the drawing just grows and grows, and I get more and more carried away!  This is good in a sense as it is free expression.  It must be said though that it doesn’t do to be too free.  I feel there must always be aContinue reading “My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’”

Blasting the Surface: Armageddon Journal

  This is the front of an A3 journal for a project I did in second year Foundation.  The project ‘Armageddon’ proved a very interesting one, exploring  destruction, survival, recycling, belief.   (I even made an ‘Armageddon cloak, made form plastic carrier bags, tobacco pouch wallets, anything that could be melted together!…even the scrapings of dried acrylic paintContinue reading “Blasting the Surface: Armageddon Journal”

In the beginning……was the beginning (original rescued altered book notes)

  I didn’t realise just how old my altered book was until I found this bit of writing on an old disc!  This book is like the Marie Celeste!  Six years though………. that’s a long long time. 26th August 2002 Today I decided to attempt making an ‘altered’ book.  I had a choice of two hardContinue reading “In the beginning……was the beginning (original rescued altered book notes)”