A room with a view or two – exploring perspectives

'Tilt' an experiment with perspective

I was playing about with some paint the other day and thought I would do a tonal piece with some interesting perspective incorporated. 

'Tilt' b

 As I’d recently been watching some old DVD’s of the 70s series The Onedin Line, and was inspired by the idea of a ship’s cabin undergoing a storm on the high seas – the inside of the cabin bobbing up and down and showing different perspectives.  ”Tilt’ incorporates non representational images –  but don’t let that stop you spotting any….

'Tilt' b

For added effect I turned the actual image 180 degrees, just to give it even more vistas!  Materials used ; Acrylic on  Daler board.

'Tilt' c

Here’s another little experiment with perspective.  This piece is from a small journal of mine.  It doesn’t really become obvious why the piece is called ‘Threeway’  as I have actually shown four perspectives.  ‘Threeway’ is just a play on the word ‘Freeway’…nothing esoteric about that.  However the eroded corridors and isolation which this space conveys and the colours I have used,  is clear – no matter which way it is viewed….sometimes there just is no escape.


 I do lots of small experiments like these and have completed quite a few series of experimental works, which I shall put on here every so often. 

'Threeway' 2

‘Threeway’ was made with felt tip pens and a wet paintbrush on paper.  You can get some wonderful effects with this method – a kind of muted watercolour.  But you have to work fast, and you should always use an old paintbrush because somehow or other, this method  just erodes the bristles.

'Threeway' 3

And the last one:-


The next personal art will be an explaination of the ‘Echostains ‘ concept and how it came about. 


4 thoughts on “A room with a view or two – exploring perspectives

  1. The top image really drew me in. I know you said a ship’s cabin., but it really reminds me of a view a coal miner may have of the shaft of a coal mine. The depth is really strong in that image. I like it.:)

  2. Thanks Leslie! Inspiration comes from the most incongruos of things. I just went with the feeling and tried not to be representational – but the containment of the shaft I can certainly feel. Amazing what comes about with abstract sometimes and the way it communicates. That’s what the ‘Echostains’ concept is about – though it is more structured than random. I will explain this project in more detail later. It’s in three parts: echostains, shadowmaps and the more narrative ‘Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Gilman Perkins . Three stages of communication in stain, code and narrative. Thanks again for stopping by – the door is always open!

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