Altered Book: Page 24 Pop goes Art

Here are the artists associated with my last altered book page 24.  You can see how I decided to take it to another level by playing on the words I had chosen; “Pop says “We’re just going to have a little talk” Therefore, why not let Pop talk?  Pop as a communication – art form orContinue reading “Altered Book: Page 24 Pop goes Art”

It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door

Yes it’s back (after 5 months absence) and I WILL finish it eventually!  I actually completed another page today and I fully intend to crack on with it.  One of the problems I have been turning over is how to display these pages.  I may do a slide show of them.  That may solve theContinue reading “It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door”

In Search of the last book (again)

Just a quick post today before work.  Well, I don’t know how I do it, but I have lost my Altered Art book yet AGAIN!  This book is taking me years to do, as I keep mislaying it.  I haven’t done anything in it for quite a while.  I was trying to come up withContinue reading “In Search of the last book (again)”

Transcription: Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ Page 51 and 52, Cutouts

It’s been ages since I put any transcription on.  So – Page 51 and 52  Continuing  with the sinsister shadow theatre idea from Paula Rego’s’Snow White and her Stepmother’, I played about with the cutouts  so I got this – These are the last images in the first book (two journals stuck together). The next artist I researchedContinue reading “Transcription: Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ Page 51 and 52, Cutouts”

Looking back, Over my Shoulder….

Last night I found myself looking back over my old posts….and wondering what I was thinking of!  Quite a lot, so it seems.  Some of these posts have such a lot in them.  Seems a shame that they’re now confined to the archives.  So;   A Cornish Garden (Barbera Hepworth) Altered Art Book page 23Continue reading “Looking back, Over my Shoulder….”

My 190th Post: A short Summary

Well, I’ve reached my 190th post.  As usual I like to sum up what I’ve done every 10 posts or so….plus, I can see which areas needs attention.  Without checking back I already know that I haven’t done any more in my altered book for a while.  plus my Transcription and Surfaces haven’t been featuredContinue reading “My 190th Post: A short Summary”

My 180th Post: A Labour of Love? or a Love of Wittering on?

Well its my 180th post!  I have only missed 4 days since I started at the end of November last year.  What do I find to write about every day?  Well, not a lot sometimes I admit, but I still manage a paragraph or two.  What do I expect to gain from doing it?  IContinue reading “My 180th Post: A Labour of Love? or a Love of Wittering on?”