My 190th Post: A short Summary

Well, I’ve reached my 190th post.  As usual I like to sum up what I’ve done every 10 posts or so….plus, I can see which areas needs attention.  Without checking back I already know that I haven’t done any more in my altered book for a while.  plus my Transcription and Surfaces haven’t been featuredContinue reading “My 190th Post: A short Summary”

I Celebrate 1 Year of NOT Smoking with……

  Thankfulness, that’s what! I can’t believe it, but it is one year to the day (June 4th) that I gave up smoking!  One whole year SMOKEFREE!  And it IS a freedom too.  I don’t HAVE to light up every few minutes: I don’t HAVE to make sure I have enough cigarettes before the shopsContinue reading “I Celebrate 1 Year of NOT Smoking with……”