Where am I?

page 23 detail ah now where was I up to?
page 23 detail ah now where was I up to?

Just a quick post for tonight.  Where does the time go?  It’s a good job I schedule these posts: I always try to be one in front.  There are a LOT of artists birthdays coming up this month, and although I keep saying it, I really MUST do some more on my altered book!  I had it out before looking at it.  I know what I am going to do now, but I just need the time to do it! 

Bronte dresses, I bet these were lovely when they were first made.  Even cloth turns sepia
Bronte dresses, I bet these were lovely when they were first made. Even cloth turns sepia

 I also have some more surfaces to add, plus I’ve very nearly finished the Justine Picardie Book about Branwell Bronte. At the moment I am at a really exciting stage in my genealogy (it’s a case of was this ancestor Polish or was he really Hungerian….well, it’s a matter of interest to me lol!)

8 thoughts on “Where am I?

    1. I couldn’t agree more Jane! Although elegant, Regency dress doesn’t have the feminine waist that I am big fan off, it’s not as fitted. It did hide the stomach though lol! Victorian is more flattering though, no matter what shape you were. Those corsets were GOOD!

  1. Oops just noticed you have Charlottes wedding dress here ,,I wondered can I use this image for a power point presentation ,I am giving a couple of presenations of Charlotte and her sisters lives ,I have been asked to give the presaenation as though I am Charlotte,,I have based my dress on the wedding dress and I am desperate for a photo of it ,,I got dished for wearing a red dress as charlotte and people always think she wore dark clours but that not true, she had thisdres made specificaly to reuse after the weddding and theres a pretty blue green dress at the Parsoange, as well as a rather flahy looking fan ,, so I should love to use this as proof ,,I will instert an credit under it ,with your details ,,

    1. The image is from a postcard I scanned from the Bronte Parsonage. I’m not sure of copyright issues but I think it might be Ok to be used for educational purposes Lyn Marie. I can’t wait to see your wedding dress 🙂 I think I’ve seen the fan you refer to too, as well as the tiny little narrow shoes. They must have been absolutely freezing living in that vicinity – no wonder Aunt Branwell wore pattens to prevent her feet getting cold on those flag floors 🙂

  2. Yes I want John my husband to make me some Patterns ,,he used to be a a joiner ,,hes promised me a replica trunk first.
    re the photo
    I dont think the Parsonage will mind but they open before my first talk so I will go in and check

  3. I just realised I sound a bit weird,I dont want patterns to wear day to day I want them for props for my talks on the Brontes and on Victorian life,,I have to admit the trunk is a bit of both ,,I will use it as the center of my new talks but there is a tiny part of me that would just love to pile my gothic weekend gowns into it ,

    1. Hhehe not all lyn marie 🙂 Aunt Branwell would well approve 🙂 Gothic weekend gowns! Now you’re talking! I used to have lots of Gothic clothes which I ended up selling and a few bits which sadly I can’t fit into anymore. I have plans though….:-)

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