Looking back, Over my Shoulder….

Last night I found myself looking back over my old posts….and wondering what I was thinking of!  Quite a lot, so it seems.  Some of these posts have such a lot in them.  Seems a shame that they’re now confined to the archives.  So;   A Cornish Garden (Barbera Hepworth) Altered Art Book page 23Continue reading “Looking back, Over my Shoulder….”

Mysterious Places: Roche Rock

  When I came across my Cornish pictures yesterday (Barbara Hepworth museum), I uncovered a cache of interesting places we went on our Cornish holiday 3 years ago.  One of them was Roche rock.  We had recently read about it in our favorite magazine Fortean Times. and desperately wanted to see it! This rock is surreal! Continue reading “Mysterious Places: Roche Rock”