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Transcription: Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ Page 51 and 52, Cutouts

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It’s been ages since I put any transcription on. 

So –

Page 51 and 52  Continuing  with the sinsister shadow theatre idea from Paula Rego’s’Snow White and her Stepmother’, I played about with the cutouts  so I got this –

page 51 and 52

page 51 and 52

These are the last images in the first book (two journals stuck together).

The next artist I researched was Kara Walker.  This is what I wrote;

American artist Kara Walker uses a cut out silhouette technique to explore themes of identity and ethnicity in the USA formed by colonisation and slavery.

Camptown Ladies by  Kara Walker

Camptown Ladies by Kara Walker

She takes her figures from 19th Century stereotypes of ‘Slavery Literature’, presenting the humiliating and violent treatment of the slaves and the sexist attacks on female slaves.”

Kara Walker untitled

Kara Walker untitled


More about this interesting artist HERE

Here’s the rest

Pages 1 – 5

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 pages 33 – 36

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page 39

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