The Bronte’s Personal effects

I was interested  to hear about a desk, purported to have belonged to Charlotte Bronte and a Geometry set and art box belonging to Emily.  They were auctioned off at Sotherby’s (see the results on the Bronte Blog HERE.  The owner William Law was a keen collector of Bronte memorabilia and bought directly from Rev. Arthur BellContinue reading “The Bronte’s Personal effects”

My 190th Post: A short Summary

Well, I’ve reached my 190th post.  As usual I like to sum up what I’ve done every 10 posts or so….plus, I can see which areas needs attention.  Without checking back I already know that I haven’t done any more in my altered book for a while.  plus my Transcription and Surfaces haven’t been featuredContinue reading “My 190th Post: A short Summary”

My 160th Post: Still Rambling on

Well, I can’t believe that this is my 160th post!  What on earth have I found to write (or ramble on about?)  I now have 11 categories.  Some of these are well left behind – like the London Jaunt and LasVegas.  They’re nice to look back on though.  I am continuing with my Transcription.  ThatContinue reading “My 160th Post: Still Rambling on”

Recently read: ‘The Bronte’s Haworth’ The place and the people the Bronte’s knew by S. R. Whitehead

  I bought this book on my recent visit to Haworth.  I got it from the Parsonage Museum shop where there are copious amounts of Bronte books, new ones are coming out all the time and it’s hard to keep track of them. This book one deals with the Bronte’s relationship with their village,the peopleContinue reading “Recently read: ‘The Bronte’s Haworth’ The place and the people the Bronte’s knew by S. R. Whitehead”

Will the real Charlotte Bronte PLEASE stand up!

There have not been many portraits of the famous writer Charlotte Bronte, so it’s a bit of a tall order to establish what she really looked like.  One person who at least had a bit of an idea having lived with her, was her brother Branwell.  He painted quite a few portraits of people heContinue reading “Will the real Charlotte Bronte PLEASE stand up!”