Things that go Bump in the Night (not including me falling over)

Oooh it’s nearly that time again.  The time where ghouls, ghosties and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night  shall soon be out in force!   It’s just a shame that I will miss it because I have to work.  A ghost can turn up anywhere though……. I came across this interesting website,Continue reading “Things that go Bump in the Night (not including me falling over)”

Creepy Halloween Cakes!

It’s Halloween soon, but unfortunately I shall be working so I will miss out.  The other night I went out.  Two pubs had been given the same decorations, including those cobwebs that you shred.  One pub shredded and draped their cobwebs, and the other, just opened the sheets up and stuck them over glass cases! Continue reading “Creepy Halloween Cakes!”

Pots of Flavour!

It’s been a hectic evening, hence a very short post.  Just been for a curry at ‘The Edge’ in Swinton.  It was good too! nice service nice food and excellent prices, what more could you want eh!  I had my usual Lamb Vindaloo, well actually it’s that or Lamb Rogan Josh, lol!  Not quite as hotContinue reading “Pots of Flavour!”

Watched: Hollywood Diva’s; Tamara de Lempicka, BBC 4

I watched this programme the other nights, wrote about it, then ‘lost’ the post! Art Deco artist, as she is often referred to, Tamara de Lempicka has always been a bit of a favourite of mine since I was at Uni. She has many fans, amongst them the artiste Madonna, a keen collector of herContinue reading “Watched: Hollywood Diva’s; Tamara de Lempicka, BBC 4”

Absolutely Fuming!

I can feel the smoke rising as I type!!! SO angry and frustrated!  Once again I was typing (this time about Hollywood Diva Lempicka).  I had added the pics and links, went to save to draft – then LOST it!  Really sick and tired of this happening, it’s not the first time either!  I thinkContinue reading “Absolutely Fuming!”

Weird and Wacky Design: Crusty Bread Rolls with It!

  Just a quick one tonight.  I came across this silly bread roll the other day which I thought was rather fun.  Also this bread hand.  The question is why?  the answer must be  ‘why not! because they can, that’s why! And what about this weird foot?  I wonder how difficult it is to sculptContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Crusty Bread Rolls with It!”

Happy Birthday Dear Pablo Picasso!

Today is the birthday of probably one of the most famous  modern  artists, Pablo Picasso (or to give him his real name – Pablo Diego JoseFrancisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso).  Most people called him Picasso…… and no wonder! Picasso born in Spain 1881Continue reading “Happy Birthday Dear Pablo Picasso!”

What I’m Reading at the moment; ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s Tale’ by Chris Firth

I am  in that inbetweeny period where I have no new books to read (sob) so I’m having to rely on old ones: ones I have read years ago, like ‘Samuel Pepys’ Diary’.  Occasionally I come across a book I’ve bought and for some reason or other, haven’t got round to reading.  Well, such an occurenceContinue reading “What I’m Reading at the moment; ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s Tale’ by Chris Firth”