Creepy Halloween Cakes!

wonder if you could use ice cream  for the body?

It’s Halloween soon, but unfortunately I shall be working so I will miss out.  The other night I went out.  Two pubs had been given the same decorations, including those cobwebs that you shred.  One pub shredded and draped their cobwebs, and the other, just opened the sheets up and stuck them over glass cases!  I wished I’d had my camera so I could show what I mean.  Talk about, couldn’t be bothered….perhaps they are going to put the undisturbed cobwebs away for next year….

I came across this unusual site the other day (or should I say Stumbleupon)  I couldn’t resist these cakes, they are so cute and just the thing for Halloween!  Please check out this site HERE for instructions about how to make them.

make all these variations

I’m sure that you can find equivalents for some of the ingredients (like Pocky).  Perhaps joining a pair of ‘Matchmakers‘  by melting the chocolate a bit to join them, would work for the legs. Or, what about a Tunnocks Tea cake for the body?  Children would love these wouldn’t they!

Tunnocks Tea cakes, the legs would be a bit of a challenge

The website has lots of ‘unusual’ things to make……..   HERE

5 thoughts on “Creepy Halloween Cakes!

  1. Cor Tunnocks! Yummy yum! Plus they’ve not changed all that much through the years..not like Waggon Wheels which now have pretend chocolate and belong more on a Dinky car than a waggon, lol!

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