Pots of Flavour!

vindaloo curry

It’s been a hectic evening, hence a very short post.  Just been for a curry at ‘The Edge’ in Swinton.  It was good too! nice service nice food and excellent prices, what more could you want eh!  I had my usual Lamb Vindaloo, well actually it’s that or Lamb Rogan Josh, lol!  Not quite as hot as I like it, but delicious none the less.  The Naan bread in there is so freshly fluffy, you can tell it’s just been baked.  I love a curry, I do, and have to make one at least once a week.

Tagine from Lakeland

I also am a sucker for gadgets and cookware.  Last year I bought a Tagine.  It’s still going strong, I use it at least twice a week.  I love one pot cooking (there’s less washing up) and loads of flavour.  The only criticism I have about my Tagine is that the  top of it is a bit awkward to lift off owing to the design.  LOVE it though!

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