Where do I go to? to the Arts web Roadshow that’s where it’s at!

  This blog first caught my attention when the author left a comment about my hoarding habit!  I visited his site – and I was soon hooked!  Kserverny aka Cheffie, Clickety, Cornered, Sir Richard, or Richard North is a man driven.  Well driven and torn – yes both at the same time!  Not only is heContinue reading “Where do I go to? to the Arts web Roadshow that’s where it’s at!”

Pots of Flavour!

It’s been a hectic evening, hence a very short post.  Just been for a curry at ‘The Edge’ in Swinton.  It was good too! nice service nice food and excellent prices, what more could you want eh!  I had my usual Lamb Vindaloo, well actually it’s that or Lamb Rogan Josh, lol!  Not quite as hotContinue reading “Pots of Flavour!”

Watched: The Hairy Bikers (Better late than Never!)

Recently, I’ve discovered the Hairy Bikers (BBC2).  Yes I know they’ve been going a while, but I’ve only just latched on to them (they don’t call me Ten Years after for nothing…).  I did see a programme last year where they went to Morrocco and were cooking in a Tagine.  Excited by this, I rushedContinue reading “Watched: The Hairy Bikers (Better late than Never!)”