A Visit to Shrewsbury: Out and About

Continuing my post about our recent visit to the ancient market town of Shrewsbury, Salop…. Part 1 HERE Ancient buildings abound here.  Some are bowed and crooked, but on they go, as they have done for hundreds of years.  Here’s a few of them; The Kings Head pub contains an ancient wall painting.  This wasContinue reading “A Visit to Shrewsbury: Out and About”

A Visit to Shrewsbury

Just returned from a couple of days in the ancient market town of Shrewsbury (Salop).  Handy this scheduling tool isn’t it!  What a beautiful town this is.  Never have I seen so many ancient buildings – all in one place!   Shrewsbury can count Charles Darwin, Judge Jeffreys and Ellis Peters (the author of the CadfaelContinue reading “A Visit to Shrewsbury”