Bahhhhh Woollies gone!

An early version
An early version


Can’t believe Woolworths will soon be going!  I and millions and millions and zillions of other will miss it terribly.  It was part of my childhood, well everyones childhood.  As a child I would stand outside  pointing to the toys in the window, whilst I waited for the bus.  It was the scene of my first childhood public tantrum.  Kicking and screaming I threw the doll with rubberised hair across the store as I lay threshing and sobbing in disgust on the floor!  I wanted a doll with rooted hair, but Mum couldn’t afford it, so I had to settle for the rubber one.  It was a hard lesson to learn (kicking and stropping doesn’t get you anywhere…) As it turned out, I grew to love that doll (Jennifer) I called her.  A relative drew string underwear on her (most weird when you think about it: a bit of a strange relative).  Jennifer was given to my younger sister as I grew older.  The first thing she did was poke poor dolls eyes out.  That doll really went through the mill, what with her faded biro penned stringed underwear and no eyes.  One of Woolies rejects.  Poor old Woolworths: part of everyone’s past and destined to not be part of the future.  99 years old.  Sure, it will be bought by someone or divided up, but it will never be Woolworths as we know it.  Still, at least we’ve got our memories…and they’re precious NOT cheap.


2 thoughts on “Bahhhhh Woollies gone!

  1. I thought Woolies folded a long time a year or so ago? DId it hang on where you live? Yep, some good memories. 🙂 Sorry you didn’t get the doll you wanted though!

    1. Yes, that post was 2008 and one of my first posts Val. I still miss Woolies though and I still call the discount shop (which it now is) Woolies. Old habits die hard (very hard in my case 🙂 )

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