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Weird and Wacky Design: Hats off – A riot of Springtime Promises

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Even as  these trying times are upon us, everything in the garden is blooming lovely. Seasons don’t fear the reaper and will come and go as they please regardless. Continuity of life , maybe not quite  as we once knew it, but there will a continuity nontheless. So if you are finding it hard to put  a spring in your step (and many of us are) then use your imagination,   fling your flamingos to the wind for a couple of minutes and visualise stepping out wearing one of these wildly imaginative exotic hats.


Not for everyday wear of course, VERY and I mean (very) special occasions wear. Delightful silk blooms adorn the head in a colourful burst of symphony and synergy – a delight to eye. I’m feeling  joy just looking at them.


Step through the fantasy of exotic meadows and mysterious rainforests as a riot of colour invades the senses. These exotic blooms vividly  invoke  in me rainforests and Rousseau drawn  animals in dense landscapes teaming with life and dappled sunshine – and I’ve never even been to a rainforest.


This exotic  Carmen Miranda type hat provides much  fruit for thought. After no deliberation I have come to the conclusion that ‘I like you very much!’ 


I would love to drown myself  in a chaos of metallic silk petals that hang in a mid confetti throwing shower around the head.  These freeze frame the face perfectly and leave exclamations hanging in mid-air.


Meanwhile, down in the woods and meadows, nature has surely conspired with the small folk to make these  felted hats surely made for fairies by fairies or their fairy inspired ancestors.  The results are just bewitching and so is the website lalabugdesigns – pure escapism.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks to these Beautiful websites for the journey




the cherry blossom girl





Page 12 Altered art book continued Death wish: Don’t Fear the Reaper..

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page 12 continued

‘He hid his own fears and wishes and only took them out in private under the eye of the moon..’

Fear of madness, fear of death, even fear of living in some cases, we all live with  fears and artists are no exception.  Some even exploit their fears: (quite lucratively in Damien’s Hirst’s case). His 1990 installation ‘In a Thousand Years’,  the life cycle of the common house fly; from the maggots hatching, eating, breeding  to being zapped and dispatched by an insect-o-cutor.

Hirst in a thousand years
Hirst in a thousand years

Reducing the dangerous and magnificent shark to a pickled carcass, preserved in formaldehyde, I think speaks volumes about our fears, the fragility of ourselves and the unimportance of  trivia in the greater picture of life.  The whole idea of being ‘hatched and dispatched’ is like coming in at the end of the film.  It is the ‘jam’, the ‘meat’ the ‘it’ in the middle: it is the LIFE that we are concerned with: what happens NOW. The title of the shark was ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ (1992) says it all.

Hirst The physical impossibility...
Hirst The physical impossibility…

   Hirst still fears death like most of us.  His 2007 piece  entitled ‘For the Love of God’, consisted of a cast of an 18th century skull encrusted with jewels which sold for £50m ($100m).  Death must be laughing all the way to the bank!


hirst skull Diamonds are forever? hirst skull Diamonds are forever?

Just a tick: just getting the lay of the land

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Hi!  Now I don’t know what sort of a Blog this will turn out to be yet.  It will probably be a mixture of Art, Life, Ramblings, Witterings and Mutterings…with occasional Rantings.  I had an Art Blog before and used to post most days, but it disappeared.  It was more a collection of writings than a real internet Blog: a diary about my art: a blow by blow account.  The intention was to publish it in a Blog.  If I find it, I will put it on here, but for the time being I will take time out to survey all the wonderful snowy white scenery in my new ‘land’

Bored already with the white space.  Think the black background looks much better.  In effect I have eliminated the positive, accentuated the for Mr Inbetween.

My Favorite Emperor

My Favorite Empero

  Thought I’d add a bit of decoration to brighten the place up!