Assemblage – boxing clever art

As you can see from this pic, I love assemblage.  I bought these old print trays and had absolutely no trouble filling them full of tiny bits of ephemera! The real art of assemblage (as it is an art form) is when the assembled pieces make a statement or ‘speak’ to the viewer by affectingContinue reading “Assemblage – boxing clever art”

Altered art book page 17 continued: Treasured junk

  Continuing page 17 in my Altered art book, I mentioned before that one mans junk is sometimes another man’s treasure.  But how about discarded things coming together, or being delibrately brought together to make art?  Connections being made, alliances, partnerships formed to communicate a message? One person who does this is New Zealand artist Dale Copeland.Continue reading “Altered art book page 17 continued: Treasured junk”