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Dear Reader I Read it: ‘London Belongs to Me’ by Norman Collins

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london belongs to me

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Black Sheep Branwell: It wasn’t ALL Rock and Roll…

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Branwell Bronte self portrait

Branwell Bronte self portrait

It’s Sunday, so it’s just a quick post again. Whilst in Haworth I visited Branwell Bronte’s exhibition.  It’s a small one, but it at least affords us a more rounded picture of Patrick Bronte’s tragic son.  There were small water colours, poems both in tiny form and a more ordinary format.

branwell bronte sketch

branwell bronte sketch

Small plays and even Branwell’s wallet were displayed.  I couldn’t get an image of it, but it was larger than I thought….and probably empty for many a long year lol!

tiny tiny writing

tiny tiny writing

Amazingly, Branwell was once a member of the Temperance Society, and once presided! A couple of his Temperance cards are on display, signed by himself and his father Patrick.

More tomorrow

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