Christmas is Coming, Ready or Not

Christmas is very nearly here and I’ve still not contributed anything towards it.  I must like the last-minute panicking or something, or perhaps its just inertia.  When I think of some of the great exciting (to me) Christmas’s I’ve put on (like a pantomime), now it seems just a farce.  I can’t seem to getContinue reading “Christmas is Coming, Ready or Not”

Weird and Wacky Design:Money Carpets, False Noses and an Amazing Lock

I couldn’t help but smile at these!  They’re called ‘Pick your nose’ party animals and are such a simple idea for a kiddies party – or even certain adults.  An elephants trunk one should be extra long though, to fit more drink in….  HERE’s some human ones, lol!  Imagine dropping your loose change on thisContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design:Money Carpets, False Noses and an Amazing Lock”

Happy Birthday Edvard Munch!

Today is the birthday of Norwegian Symbolist and printmaker, Edvard Much (b. 1863 -1944). .  A  forerunner to Expressionism, Munch’s expressive style explored melancholy and emotional  themes like death, anxiety, sickness and madness. There’s no doubt about it, that  ‘The Scream’ is Munch’s most famous painting and Munch did  many variations of it.  This painting has been reproduced onContinue reading “Happy Birthday Edvard Munch!”

A Fast one – Just add music

Off out tonight, so I’m writing this now, as I probably won’t be up to much when I come back, lol!   Going to see the Electric Six again, but this time in Manchester.  We went to see them last year in London and had a brilliant time, even though it was absolutely icy cold.  ReadContinue reading “A Fast one – Just add music”

Watched: A Kind Of Loving

Digging around in the cellar last night (as I often do) I was shaking my head in despair at our rather small stash of DVDs.  I couldn’t believe we had so few.  And I was right – I found a hidden plastic crate full!  I brought a few up, deciding on ‘A Kind Of Loving’Continue reading “Watched: A Kind Of Loving”

Hurrah for Popeye Saviour of the Vegetables!

  I know that Popeye isn’t an artist,.  He isn’t even a real character, but I find him a very endearing little chapppie and seeing as  Google is commemorating the creater of Popeye, E. C Segar (Elzie Crisler Segar) b. 1894 – 1938   Illinois), I thought I’d add my twopennorth. Segar created Popeye as a support Continue reading “Hurrah for Popeye Saviour of the Vegetables!”

Flashback Challenge: Decisions and Decisions….

Books books, books.  I am still reading Norman’ Collin’s ‘London Belongs tome’ at the moment (a thick book  which I am very much enjoying).  I am then going to read Chris Firth’s ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s Tale’.  Then it will be time to take the  Flashback Challenge.  This challenge’s the reader to read a number ofContinue reading “Flashback Challenge: Decisions and Decisions….”