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In the beginning……was the beginning (original rescued altered book notes)

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The start of the altered art book pages 1 and 1 2002

The start of the altered art book pages 1 and 1 2002

I didn’t realise just how old my altered book was until I found this bit of writing on an old disc!  This book is like the Marie Celeste!  Six years though………. that’s a long long time.

26th August 2002

Today I decided to attempt making an ‘altered’ book.  I had a choice of two hard backed books: ‘The Woodwitch’ or ‘Five Gates of Hell’.  I decided on the latter as I wouldn’t mind reading the ‘Woodwitch’.  From the opening chapter (first page), I chose two paragraphs.  The first one is about jets flying over an eerie sky and ghostly plant life.  The second described curtains with mermaids on, and the scull of a seagull with a coin in one of the eye sockets.  I have painted the background and am pleased that it hasn’t seeped through to the  pages underneath.  The background is similar to a background I used for my ‘Armageddon’ project.  I splattered this with white and silver ink, and drew in some ghostly plants which looked quite crap actually.

However, not to worry, I am going to go over all of it with some white ink, which will cover the plants and seaweed.  I am going to do a coin rubbing to represent the seagulls eye, and may do a drawing of a skull.

As usual, as with anything I do, problems are already arising.  Half of art is about problem solving though.  I do not want the work to be illustrated though.  I would like the quotes to be seen  in the way they are isolated – out of context, yet pertaining to the story (my story – not the original author).