Altered art book; page 9 Shifting sands

I picked out the words to some of these pages a long time ago.  There must have been a plan at that stage, but if there was, it is well forgotten.  So, confronted with the words ‘A kind of reminder’ my mind was once again a blank canvas.  I waited patiently whilst a herd of Continue reading “Altered art book; page 9 Shifting sands”

Kubla Khan Killer Cocktail: Don’t try this at home

Today I came across a book I hadn’t seen in a while.  Funnily enough I was writing about the author in my post ‘Bohemians at heart? or an Ass in Bohemia?’  The author is Nina Hamnett, Queen of Bohemia: the title is ‘Laughing Torso’.  The book is a first edition 1932 and contains reminiscences of Hamnett’s Bohemian lifeContinue reading “Kubla Khan Killer Cocktail: Don’t try this at home”