Something for the weekend? How about a slump?

Somthing weird is going on with this blog.  A pattern is gradually emerging, and I can’t understand it.  Everything is going along O.K. in the week, yet at the weekend, I have very few views.  I can’t work out why this is though.  Answers on a postcard please (preferably at weekend lol!) Anyway, what I’veContinue reading “Something for the weekend? How about a slump?”

Readers of the Lost Archives

Well so far I have managed to keep to all my resolutions……. well, apart from 5 and 6.  I am still concerned though about my archive as a lot of work has gone into them and it would be a bit tragic if no one read those posts.  Do people actually trail though archives though? Continue reading “Readers of the Lost Archives”

Help! I’m disappearing up my own archive!

blackhole-at-the-heart-of-the-circinus galaxy (one I may be contributing to)  As the old year disappears and the New Year, once a distant shadow looms closer and closer: becoming more of a reality or possibility, it begins to occur to me that all the words I’ve wrote so far will ‘disappear’ into that seemingly invisible file called ‘Archive’. Continue reading “Help! I’m disappearing up my own archive!”