Weird and wacky design – Get the Message

breast t shirt

Since it is impractical to wear your actual heart to your sleeve – or even nail your colours to the mast (you’d need a boat for a start), the next best thing  for getting your message across is to get it emblazoned a T-shirt.  Logo and message T-shirts are very common, some of the slogans have become clichés.  But I thought that the above one was unusual to get noticed.  These are made by a woman known as the Lactivist who advocates breast-feeding in public.  There are a few designs.  All proceeds go towards Milk banks, which apparently there is a great shortage of.

a way with words?

There are some really good Slogans in this T-shirt place.   Unfortunately I couldn’t get pics of them apart from the two above.  I especially like the choking one (only choking……) HERE

er great chat up line eh..

If you like to use that old hackneyed phrase ‘Been there, done that, got the T shirt’ you will be pleased to know that now you can buy the actual t-shirt!  Everyone will believe you now!  HERE

at last – THE T shirt!

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