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Weird and wacky design: Walk a mile in these shoes?

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Yes Sir I could boogie (but not for all night long)

I’ve not put any ‘Weird and Wacky designs’ on here for a while – so I shall address that now.  I love strange shoes, though it takes me all my time to wear high heels these days (though I just will not be told and do try to persevere).  I rather like these shoes. I like the shape of them, and I think that they would probably be comfortable – the hydraulics of them giving at least a bit of support. (link to an interesting shoe blog which featured them)

heavy boots of lead - fills her victims full of dread

Now I really like these metal shoes!  They would look fantastic – but I should think that they would be pretty uncomfortable to wear.  They are the sort of thing the H.R. Giger would design (must do a post on that artist).

alien surrealist work of H R Giger

  He did the visual effects on the film Alien for which he won an Academy Award.  Ideal for a female alien perhaps?  Do they have real feet?  If so – how many?

walk this way - if you dare

These of course are by the late Alexander McQueen – a tragic loss to the fashion world.  His designs were sometimes  outrageous  and very impractical – but what an imagination!  I love the twisty meanderings of these shoes.  they remind me of the nursery rhyme:-

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together in a crooked little house.
I don’t think you would be walking very far at all in the last shoes.  the nursery rhyme, by the way has its foundation in Kings Charles 1st – the crooked man being the Scottish General Alexander Leslie.

the crooked man

Metal shoe link here
H R Giger website here
McQueen shoe from this blog
Nursery rhymes here

Weird and wacky design – Get the Message

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breast t shirt

Since it is impractical to wear your actual heart to your sleeve – or even nail your colours to the mast (you’d need a boat for a start), the next best thing  for getting your message across is to get it emblazoned a T-shirt.  Logo and message T-shirts are very common, some of the slogans have become clichés.  But I thought that the above one was unusual to get noticed.  These are made by a woman known as the Lactivist who advocates breast-feeding in public.  There are a few designs.  All proceeds go towards Milk banks, which apparently there is a great shortage of.

a way with words?

There are some really good Slogans in this T-shirt place.   Unfortunately I couldn’t get pics of them apart from the two above.  I especially like the choking one (only choking……) HERE

er great chat up line eh..

If you like to use that old hackneyed phrase ‘Been there, done that, got the T shirt’ you will be pleased to know that now you can buy the actual t-shirt!  Everyone will believe you now!  HERE

at last – THE T shirt!

Weird and Wacky Design:Money Carpets, False Noses and an Amazing Lock

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pick your nose party animals

I couldn’t help but smile at these!  They’re called ‘Pick your nose’ party animals and are such a simple idea for a kiddies party – or even certain adults.  An elephants trunk one should be extra long though, to fit more drink in….  HERE’s some human ones, lol

penny-tile-floor, must say though, I think its quite stunning

Imagine dropping your loose change on this floor – you’d never find it.  What a novel idea, using coins as a durable floor covering.  I wonder how you clean it?  Surely dirt would get between the crevices?  Here’s a HOTEL that’s actually used these pennies to tile their floor – most impressively too! 

defendius2 door lock

This door lock is very strange.  Imagine trying to get out in an emergency!!!!!  Surely its just meant for a security measure.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a joke or not.  Nice design though.  From THIS PLACE