Altered art book: page 17 Junk for Sale


Continuing my Altered art book: page 17, the words chosen are: –



The streets smelt of simmering green vegetables and gas leaks…

stained green sofa

‘Didn’t realise it was for sale’

Everything is for sale

Inside the room was such a concentration of junk as he’d never seen before…….

Strange words eh? ‘simmering green vegetables and gas leaks’.  I can almost image the green colur.  It is one of those lines that inspire painting.  One of my Echostains painting employed the lines: –

“Where the scent of wild roses, turn the milk to cream,

Tell your mother that you walked all night on velvet green.”

What I was trying to achieve in this painting was to try to turn ‘the scent of wild roses’ into ‘velvet green’.  In a sense, trying to turn a smell into a colour through the senses (sight).  Unfortunately though, I sold ‘Velvet Green’ .  I have a copy of it somewhere that I will add when I find it.



For ‘Junk’ I used tablets, drugs as a background.  Californian artist Fred Tomaselli (b.1956) uses unusual mixed media, including prescription drugs, medicinal herbs and plants with hallucinogenic properties on wood.  Combined with other mixed media, including magazine scraps, making unusual connections between high and low culture. 



You know what they say though…that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?  There are a lot of artists who use what would be termed as ‘junk’ to some to create art.

To be continued….

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