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My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 4 Brown Sauce meets Latex

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Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I did a few years ago:

brown sauce latex and others

brown sauce latex and others


The surfaces now are getting thicker.  1.  Brown sauce is mixed with cornflour and a water based clear varnish.   Brown sauce can be used to clean metal.  Some people clean coins with it.  I myself like the verdigris and patina of an old coin though.  Here’s a roman ring I bought ages ago, which I never cleaned………  has mysteriously disappeared.

my roman ring has roamed away from me.

my roman ring has roamed away from me.

2.  Liquid latex was added to this mix.  Notice, Number 1. has cracked, yet number 2 hasn’t, this could be because of the latex.

3.  Pigment was then added to the mix.  All three surfaces required 2 days to dry.  These surfaces would be useful if you wished to embed objects into the work, or sprinkle beads or stuff into the surface.

4.  Filler (powder) and acrylic makes a good impasto.  The drying time is one day

Page 3

Page 2

Page 1

Page 1 continued


My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 3 playing with the contents of an old make up bag

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make-up-bag waste not want not

make-up-bag waste not want not

Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I completed a few years ago, this page is about make – up (Old make up I may add).  I mean Charlie glitter????  Never throw anything away and you too can live in a tip like me lol!  Seriously, don’t ever put old make up on your skin..PAINT or experiment with it!
1.  Pastel pigment and hair gel makes a thinish surface.  A bit of glitter wouldn’t go amiss in this mix
2.  Red soft pastel and Sun Shimmer Bronzer, the bronzer seals the pastel, acting as a protective.  May be interesting to see what happens when mixed with other colours?
3.  Pastel and Peel off Face mask.  This is an important experiment as you shall see later.  Note: peels away by rubbing…
4.  Pigment and oil free make up.  A little like milk paint.  The oil free make up does not protect the pigment very well…
5.  The same but with ‘Charlie’ Glitter gel.  This is lovely, you can see the brushstrokes.  A bit thin and delicate.  This glitter gel would lend itself well to No.1

Other pages in the Alchemy Project;

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My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ continued

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Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project.  The objective was to use unusual mixes of media.



Experiments were varied and personal notes made.  I made the pages loose leafed so I could add to them, plus it made them easier to work on.

My Surfaces: Alchemy

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In the ‘Alchemy’ project, the objective was to experiment with unusual media.  Of course I had a field day!  This is the cover, which consists of two cardboard covers (back and front).  The pages are held in place with a big clamp.

The media use  consists of silver paper rolled up and shaped into the letters, painting in acrylic paint.  I was aiming for a nacre mother of pearl effect.

To be continued

Altered Book Project: page 3

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p3  altered art book

p3 altered art book


A line on page 3 says ‘Jesus Georgia’. I used a basic word association of Jesus and Jesu which led to Geosus then Georgia; they then sort of amalgamated and became Georgus and Jeorsus! Since Georgia is a place I added a map. You can kind of see that I had Georgia on my mind!



page 3 altered book

page 3 altered book


The madonna in the right hand corner was a photograph I took of a statue. I had recently read a book about the American artist Georgia O Keefe and was struck at one of the likenesses to the Virgin Mary. This defintely influenced me.




page 3 with map

page 3 with map

These pages were done a long time ago (the book kept disappearing). It is good to be able to view it objectively after all this time: comparing notes I made at the time .



An Alternative page3

The text would have led to Georgia (the place). The Jesus and Madonna figure would have still been there (Jesus Georgia). But would the connection with O Keefe have still been reached if I hadn’t been reading the O Keefe book and hadn’t seen a Madonna like photo of her? Perhaps not, so this was a case of the subconscious at work.Perhaps I should have connected her own art style into this page. It did cross my mind. But Georgia and the New Mexico desert are worlds apart really. But, yes, a lesson learned there: in order to incorporate an artist I need a stronger aesthetic link than just a name association. So I have already established one rule at least. As I said, this is an ongoing learning process.

Media used; Inks, feather, photocopies, card, felt tips, fibres,sequins.